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Guide to Startup Community in Victoria, BC


I moved to Victoria, BC in 2009 and it took me quite a while to really β€˜plug in’ to the community.  I’ve listed out the key resources, events and locations that I wish I had had back then. Main Slack channel  – YYJTech:     Tech Job Boards in Victoria Two main job boards:  Hiring Events in Victoria Key hiring related events to watch out for:  February: ;...

YYJ Tech Compensation Survey 2019


The most active and vibrant online watercooler for the Victoria tech scene is the #YYJTech Slack community.

Employee compensation is a hot button issue there. So much so that the community self-organized and created a salary survey that saw 200+ respondents anonymously submit their salary data, along with details about their role and company.

I analyzed the data, and here are the findings.

Early Stage Financing. Data Entrepreneurship. Cybersecurity.

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