I moved to Victoria, BC in 2009 and it took me quite a while to really ‘plug in’ to the community.  I’ve listed out the key resources, events and locations that I wish I had had back then.

Main Slack channel  – YYJTech:  http://yyjtech.slack.com  

Tech Job Boards in Victoria

Two main job boards: 

Hiring Events in Victoria

Key hiring related events to watch out for: 

Victoria Co-Working Spaces

Main co-working spaces in town are:

  • Spacestation. (517. Fort St)  
  • Watershed (1112 Fort St)  
  • Club Kwench (843 Fort St) (Tessa runs both watershed and kwench, and they are opening a third location due to demand)  
  • The Dock (722 Cormorant), focused on companies doing impact work
  • Digital Desks (810 Humbolt St.), the premium option, comes with. Concierge, pool/hot tub. Access. And. There’s rumours of a masseuse being n call

Main tech. Offices 

  • Owen Matthews. @. Alacatiy has a number of buildings. In town. Which house both his investment. Portfolio companies, but are also. Available for rent. These nlcude 838. Fort St (check out the helicopter in the middle of the lobby),  1019 Fort St. (Above Picnic Too). And. 1124 Vancouver St.
  • ViaTEC. Is a members organization that describes itself as the face of. Technology in. Victoria. Their main. Building I s 777. Fort Street, which includes an open. Lobby area and offices upstairs.

Coffee Hangouts

  • Habit / The Atrium Building
  • Discovery Coffee (Blanchard)
  • Union Pacific
  • Picnic

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