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2010-2020: A Decade in Review


It seemed like all of Twitter was posting about their past decade, in emoji format. Naturally, I piled in.

Tabulating the miles

Travel is fun to quantify, mostly because the stats are tracked in various frequent flyer programs. On the whole, they aren’t too shabby.

When averaged over 10 years, I traveled around 50 days per year, or about a week a month. This only counts overnight trips and doesn’t include Vancouver<>Victoria travel (of which there was plenty).

Interestingly, since I’ve started traveling for work, I’ve actually gone to fewer countries than I did last decade.

2000 – 2010
NA: US, Canada,
SA: Peru
EMEA: UK, France, Netherlands, Germany, Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy
APAC: Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Nepal, Myanmar

2010 – 2020
NA: US, Canada
EMEA: Germany, Switzerland, Italy
APAC: Fiji, Australia, China

As I have always flown on the cheapest fare, I didn’t attain any significant airline status. But I did sneak into Starwood’s SPG Life Time Gold, just prior to the merger with Marriot.

My nights shall forever be made better with a welcome apple in my room.

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