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Podcasts During Covid-19


COVID-19 has changed my consumption habits – I don’t listen to as many podcasts anymore, but the ones I do, I enjoy immensely.  My three recommendations include:     Patrick O’Shaughnessy – Invest Like The Best (Finance and Investing)     Kara Swisher & Scott Galloway – Pivot (Tech and Business)      Andrew Miller – The Foreign Desk (Monocle 24) (Foreign...

2010-2020: A Decade in Review


It seemed like all of Twitter was posting about their past decade, in emoji format. Naturally, I piled in. Notable events: 🏨 Made lifetime Marriott elite💰 Began angel investing🦄 Founded & sold first tech company— Ian L. Paterson (@ianlpaterson) January 1, 2020 Tabulating the miles Travel is fun to quantify, mostly because the stats are tracked in various frequent flyer programs. On the...

6 Insane Spy Books I Read in 2018


I travel.

A lot.

Which means lots of plane trips, and usually the sort of planes too small (or too cheap) for WiFi.

While I pack light, one of my non-negotiable travel items is a fully-charged Kindle Paperwhite. It’s enabled me to learn about the military-industrial complex that I now work in.

Here are the top 6 books covering espionage, cyber warfare, and corporate skullduggery.

ILP 🍁 Early Stage Financing. Data Entrepreneurship. Cybersecurity.

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