Why Investors Invest – Tax Credits

One of the peculiarities about early-stage investing in BC is the 30% EBC (“Eligible Business Credit”) tax credit for investors. Qualifying investments can see 30% of their principal investment returned as a tax credit within the year. This means that an investor who invests $100k gets $30k back via a tax credit. It’s great!

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Monthly Investor Updates FAQ

Every month, I send an email out to our shareholders letting them know the key performance indicators. This monthly was a habit drilling into me by a former board member turned advisor. Over the years, I’ve picked up a few tricks to get the most out of these communications.

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Meeting Angel Investors In a New City (without a network)

aka Growth Hack to Meet 54 Angel Investors In a New City (without knowing a soul) They say the best way to get in front of an investor is to get a referral from someone in your network. What if you don’t have an existing network that can refer you? Easy. Buy one!

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