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YYJ Tech Compensation Survey 2019

The most active and vibrant online watercooler for the Victoria tech scene is the #YYJTech Slack community. Employee compensation is a hot button issue there. So much so that the community self-organized and created a salary survey that saw 200+ respondents anonymously submit their salary data, along with details about their role and company. I

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Why Investors Invest – Tax Credits

One of the peculiarities about early-stage investing in BC is the 30% EBC (“Eligible Business Credit”) tax credit for investors. Qualifying investments can see 30% of their principal investment returned as a tax credit within the year. This means that an investor who invests $100k gets $30k back via a tax credit. It’s great!

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The Secret to Distributing Challenge Coins as Swag

We’re seeing challenge coins pop up in the cybersecurity industry as a swag/keepsake item.  Today, coins are given out to show affiliation with certain groups and having been through special events.

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6 Insane Spy Books I Read in 2018

I travel. A lot. Which means lots of plane trips, and usually the sort of planes too small (or too cheap) for WiFi. While I pack light, one of my non-negotiable travel items is a fully-charged Kindle Paperwhite. It’s enabled me to learn about the military-industrial complex that I now work in. Here are the

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Monthly Investor Updates FAQ

Every month, I send an email out to our shareholders letting them know the key performance indicators. This monthly was a habit drilling into me by a former board member turned advisor. Over the years, I’ve picked up a few tricks to get the most out of these communications.

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Ian’s Guide to SR&ED Loans (for Canadian Tech Companies)

(Updated Dec 2018 with new lender ‘Rapid Capital’) The Scientific Research and Experimental Development Tax Incentive (SR&ED) is a staple in Canadian startup financing. It can provide an annual cash infusion for qualifying tech companies. But the lag from filing a claim to getting cash can be long: 12–18 months isn’t uncommon. As a result, a

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What I Wish I Knew before going through Creative Destruction Labs (CDL) Accelerator

Creative Destruction Labs (“CDL”) is a startup accelerator/incubator that originated in Toronto, and is opening up branches across North America. Their model is unique in that they take no equity, and seek to create successful companies through a monthly goal setting/check in program. I attended with Plurilock early in our lifecycle, and had a mixed

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Growth Hack to Meet 54 Angel Investors In a New City (without a network)

They say the best way to get in front of an investor is to get a referral from someone in your network. What if you don’t have a existing network who can refer you? Easy. Buy one!

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Alternative Data and Consumer Sentiment for DSLRs

(This article originally appeared on prior to their acquisition by eBay). Previously, we looked at how to retrieve trend information from Terapeak’s flagship market research application, for 4 of the current Canon EOS DSLR cameras: Canon 1D X (MSPR: $6,799.00) Canon 5D Mk III (MSRP: $3,499.00) Canon 6D (MSRP: $2,099.00) Canon 650D (MSRP: $849.99)

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